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Re: Anaconda threads and Yum with rpm backend

> It happens between somewhere late in the "Starting package
> installation process" and installing the first package. I was not able
> to pinpoint it better since RPM is not holding the chroot stable (it
> is releasing it and acquiring as needed) and Python threads got
> switched at inconvenient moments so my debug prints were telling me I
> am chrooted and unchrooted at the "same time"..

> 1) Workaround the chroot in anaconda
> - if we do this, Yum and RPM would loose the motivation to fix it at their side :)

Hah, I like it.

> - we will have to invent a pipe based protocol for progress and error
> reporting + user's choices (bidirectional)

Yes, this is going to be difficult and was one thing I was really hoping
to avoid having to do by going with threads in the first place.  I guess
it could be done though.

> 2) Disable dictionary checks in password spoke
> - the chroot will still happen, but it won't show
> - obviously our password checking would get worse
> - we would get some time to fix this for next release at the proper place

For F18, this is probably what we are going to have to do.  I don't
think a lack of dictionary checks would be a blocker bug, but the
current behavior probably is.  I don't see that we have enough time to
do a proper fix for F18.

What about the missing icons and those sorts of problems?  Are they
being caused by this same bug, and will they still be present if we go
through with this?  It seems to me like they would.

> 3) File a bug against pwcheck so it is not calling exit() when the
> dictionary is not present
> - the fix might not be ready for F18 
> - the same comments as for 2)
> - we should do this anyways

Agreed, it shouldn't be doing this anyway.

- Chris

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