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Re: Hostname setting in UI?

> I'd add it to the network spoke, but I am not sure about making
> it required. Let's just offer the option for the start. I imagine
> network spoke with something like
> /!\ you don't have hostname set
> could bother many users.
> I don't like the idea of having hostname entry in storage UI either,
> I think just making user aware that the hostname is used with
> hint of where to set it could be enough.

Okay, agreed.  Nothing in in the storage UI.

My thinking with making it required was:

(1) It makes it pretty obvious where the hostname entry is.

(2) This forces the initial network spoke to pop up, therefore the user
has a chance to provide us with a hostname before they can start making
LVs that will need that information.

Thinking a little more about it, (1) doesn't matter.  If the user wants
to give us a hostname, they are almost certainly going to look in the
network spoke.  I do not know what to do about (2), though.  The risk
here is that the user first goes into storage, we make VGs and LVs
without a hostname, then the user goes into networking and provides us
with a hostname.

Perhaps we can somehow go back in and fill in the VG/LV names once a
hostname has been provided to us?

- Chris

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