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Re: Hostname setting in UI?

On Dec 12, 2012, at 1:17 PM, John Reiser <jreiser bitwagon com> wrote:

>>> Just give notice the first time: "warning: hostname has not been specified;
>>> using `foo' in VG name instead"
>> Ick. I think it's possible to do something 80% sensible 80% of the time without tapping the user on the shoulder with a giant billboard sign for something ultimately fairly low priority and inconsequential.
> Don't second guess me.  I don't like losing 36%  (1.0 - 0.8*0.8).

The user is not being second guessed. It's assumed they're absent on the issue unless they opt in. In any case a hostname has been specified (by default or by user).

> The consequences last a long time (until the VG is deleted.)

How is this different than oldUI?

Is new anaconda randomly grabbing words from Urban Dictionary to use as default hostnames/VG's? That'd be hilarious, BTW.

I don't find it difficult to rename the VG, update fstab, then run grub2-mkconfig, and I'm an idiot at this stuff.

> It's not a giant billboard, it's a warning.

It adds to clutter in a window that doesn't need more going on in it. While the VG name is not as discoverable in newui as it was in oldUI, this isn't aided with a warning. The warning could only appear inside the Customize reveal widget, and once that's opened the VG name is obvious and the warning superfluous.

>  It does not force
> installation to stop.  I can ignore it and proceed with the installer's
> suggestion, I can go learn about it, I can back up and fix it,
> I can start over now instead of later.

A short two line descriptive text for hostname is a positive way to do this, in the Network spoke. But that too would need translation, what two weeks ago?

Chris Murphy

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