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Re: usability lab on DevConf in Brno

There was a short off-list discussion and it seems this could be done, provided there is enough interest among anaconda developers. We have a few QA guys ready to help you.

Some further details:
I have talked to Radek Vokál who organizes DevConf.cz. The schedule is expected to be pretty full and the talks submission deadline is already over, but you can still submit one if you do it fast.

The most important information I received is that we will be able to get only 1.5 hours of the lab time. Is it enough time? It might be enough if we test several people in parallel. 4 people in parallel, 30 minutes each, that's 12 people tested. It is achievable? I never performed such lab testing.

We also have to prepare some abstract so that our session can go into the selection process and can be announced properly. The abstract should contain:
* session name
* names of the people leading it
* short description
* some links if appropriate

The abstract should be submitted ideally this week (to Radek Vokál).

We also need to handle required hardware. It seems obvious we will have to have some computers prepared, this can't be done on laptops that people bring with them. I can talk to proper people to make sure the required hardware is ready, but I will need to know how many computers to request (and whether we have some specific needs, like laptops+external displays, etc).

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