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[newui] TimezoneMap widget

These are two patches introducing the TimezoneMap widget. It is a slightly modified code from the
gnome-control-center with three major changes:

1) I've renamed the widget (and its methods) to AnacondaTimezoneMap.

2) I've replaced the "location-changed" signal with "timezone-changed" signal because the old one contained
whole TZLocation struct that would cause problems with introspection. "timezone-changed" contains only the
selected timezone as gchar* which is easy to handle by introspection and is actually everything we need.

3) For the same reasons I've replaced the get_location method by get_timezone method.

You can see simple Python script for testing and the behaviour of the TimezoneMap in this video:
I need to say that I like the map from s-c-date more, but it can be a matter of opinion.

I will try to write a code for glade, so that this widget could be used in it and then I will start working on
the DateTime spoke.

Vratislav Podzimek

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