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[master f17-branch] The Great Loader Removal

Yes, it's finally happening. And yes, I want to *try* to get it into F17.

This patchset makes anaconda start directly from systemd, and then removes
loader entirely. It also removes a bunch of references to loader - in
comments, in various scripts, and even removes a bunch of ancient docs that
were full of confusing lies.

I've done patchwork hack testing to be sure that yes, you can start anaconda
directly from systemd. And I've checked to be sure the result of this
patchset builds, at least. But I haven't actually tested builds of this
code. Figured it'd be good to get eyeballs on it before we really dig in.

[If you're wondering what will replace all that code, there will be some
patches coming Real Soon Now that add a new 'anaconda' dracut module which
does *most* of the same things.

Let's have that discussion in a different thread, please.]

The hilights:
Patch 1 switches the systemd .service file over to start anaconda.
Patch 2-4 remove various references to loader.
Patch 5 moves vncpassword=XXX handling into anaconda proper.
Patch 6 just moves linuxrc.s390 out of harm's way. [SOMEDAY.]
Patch 7-9 actually remove all of loader and amend the various
autoconf/automake/translation stuff accordingly.

 94 files changed, 3302 insertions(+), 19721 deletions(-)

Woo doggies.


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