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Re: [pykickstart][PATCH] Add --same-sa-ram option for swap size specification (#744129)

> diff --git a/pykickstart/commands/partition.py b/pykickstart/commands/partition.py
> index 70b2283..c66509e 100644
> --- a/pykickstart/commands/partition.py
> +++ b/pykickstart/commands/partition.py
> @@ -168,6 +168,7 @@ class F12_PartData(F11_PartData):
>          self.escrowcert = kwargs.get("escrowcert", "")
>          self.backuppassphrase = kwargs.get("backuppassphrase", False)
> +        self.sameAsRam = kwargs.get("sameAsRam", False)
>      def _getArgsAsStr(self):
>          retval = F11_PartData._getArgsAsStr(self)

We didn't have this option in F12, though.

You'll need to create a new RHEL6_PartData inheriting from F12_PartData
and a new RHEL6_Partition inheriting from F12_Partition for these
options.  Remember then to update pykickstart/handlers/control in the
RHEL6 block and the inheritance chain in anaconda's kickstart.py.

Let me know if you have any questions, though there should be plenty of
examples for you to copy-and-paste from already.

- Chris

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