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Re: [master f17-branch] The Great Loader Removal

> The current F17 test builds do not have loader in stage1 at all, *but* I
> talked to QA about it.. and it seems none of those tasks seem are in the
> Alpha release criteria. 

I find it pretty amazing that neither updates= nor ks= are in the alpha
criteria, but I guess I'd better not complain too loudly.

> But yeah, there's a lot of weird knotty edge cases.
> (e.g: if plain 'ks' is specified, you construct the kickstart path from
> - DHCP 'next-server' option (or server IP if non-existent), plus
> - DHCP 'filename' option (or '/kickstart/' if non-existent), plus
> - '$IP_ADDRESS-kickstart' if the constructed path ends in '/'.
> And yes, the anaconda dracut module handles that. In less than 20 lines
> of bash, even. Patches for that should start appearing Real Soon Now.

This is the kind of stuff that I'm most concerned about, but it looks
like you've got a pretty good handle on it.  I still expect a lot of
bugs on these stupid little things, though.

Anyway I'm watching the commits on your noloader branch.  Proceed with
your plan.

- Chris

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