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Re: Scaling up the timezone map

> The con here is that it won't match the gnome-control-center date-time
> spoke exactly anymore, so it will be a different arrangement of the same
> widgets / slightly inconsistent. I think that the change may be worth
> the usability gain in the map, though.

I don't think losing sync with g-c-c is a terribly important concern, at
least not on this point.

> Here's the before:
> http://linuxgrrl.com/fedora-ux/Projects/Anaconda/Prototypes/Previews/timedate/timedate-before_largermap.png
> Here's the after:
> http://linuxgrrl.com/fedora-ux/Projects/Anaconda/Prototypes/Previews/timedate/timedate-after_largermap.png
> (Note upstream switch the 24-hour / AM/PM control from a switch to a
> radio button control. The after reflects this change as well.)

I definitely like the larger map, though I find the map being on bottom
a little weird.  Do you have a reason for putting the map there vs. on
top?  Maybe I'm just used to the UI we currently have.

- Chris

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