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Re: anaconda build issue


Since you are using RHEL 6.2, you should be able to compile anaconda rhel6-branch.

If you want to develop for the current fedora branch, you need updated tools from Fedora anyways (new Gtk stuff like glade and such - look at the new-ui branch) so just install Fedora or play with mock.

There is no real way of compiling master branch on standard RHEL6.


Martin Sivak

----- Original Message -----
> Hello anaconda developers
> I'm new in anaconda, and for the first I downloaded an
> anaconda-HEAD-9437345.tar.bz2, unbzip it in /usr/local and try to
> build.
> So, after a while I got an errors:
> checking for LIBNM_GLIB... configure: error: Package requirements
> (libnm-glib >= 0.7.1 libnm-util >= 0.7.1) were not met:
> No package 'libnm-glib' found
> No package 'libnm-util' found
> So, I use RHES 6.2 and I haven't these packages. Could you please say
> to me, where I can get them?
> Bye, Igor
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