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[newui] beginnings of a new packaging module

This aims to replace backend.py, livecd.py, yuminstall.py, installmethod.py,
and perhaps image.py. It aims to depend, as far as is possible, only on
ksdata for a data store.

There's a lot of work-in-progress stuff still in here, but it is functional
for package/group selection, configuration of repos based on method/repo
cmdline args, and dependency resolution. I haven't tried to install the
package sets with it, but that's not far off.

The basic concept is the notion of to-be-installed software as a payload.
Any payload type may or may not support repositories, groups, packages.
Payload classes must specify little more than an install method, as you
can see in the (completely untested) TarPayload class.

One of the main things I don't like right now is the fuzzy line between
the payload classes and the stuff currently in image.py. I would like to move
all media handling into one place or the other.

Another thing is that the line between the generic ksdata backend data store
and the specifics of each payload class gets a little blurry. As an example,
for YumPayload.repos, which is more useful return value? kickstart Repo
instances or YumRepo instances?

Comments, criticisms, suggestions?

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