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Re: Re: Re: anaconda destroy my md devices

On Mon, 2012-02-27 at 21:52 +0400, Igor Sobinov wrote:
> I can't run anaconda as a normal RHES app? But what about  a launch
> from liveCD?) 

livecd is not supported in rhel6 AFAIK. In Fedora it uses a wrapper
script, and don't forget that a livecd is not going to be affected when
anaconda starts re-partitioning the system's disks whereas your running
rhel system will.

> I didn't catch what is the patch. I unpack anaconda sources and change
> them. So, is I need to create a patch from it, boot from cdrom and
> give the patch to anaconda? Is anaconda replace existing instance with
> my patch one? Am I right?

1) get the anaconda sources from git:

  git clone git://git.fedorahosted.org/git/anaconda.git

2) check out the rhel6-branch:

  git checkout rhel6-branch

3) start with the version of anaconda that matches that of your
   install media:

  git reset --hard anaconda-13.21.149-1

  (the version above may not match your media. check it.)

4) make your changes in the tree
5) create an updates image based on the current working tree:


6) copy the updates image somewhere you can get to it via http

  (the image will have the filename "updates.img")

7) specify on the anaconda boot command line that you have an
   updates image:


Repeat steps 4-7 as needed.

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