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[PATCH rhel6-branch] iscsi: interface binding support

iSCSI interface binding support (bz #500273)


* Requires changes in dracut:
and further in iscsi-initiator-utils, fresh build:
New parameters passed to dracut are described in commit message.

* support for GUI, TUI, and kickstart (iscsi --iface option)

* All devices must be either bound or using default.  More fine-grained
implementation would require deeper and invasive changes in GUI and libiscsi.
Moreover, combining binding and default doesn't seem as useful or legitmate use

* Discovery is done for all active interfaces. If user wants to activate
additional interface in GUI (activating all needed interfaces in kickstart
using network --activate is expected/recommended) and access a target via added
interface it must be done before first login to a node of given target.  We
don't allow re-discovery of targets with nodes logged in as it can corrupt
their authentication info.  To offer activating of additional devices in GUI
"Configure Network" button is added to Add Advanced Target dialog.  It just
runs nm-c-e as in hostname screen so user has to check Connect Automatically to
activate the device (document).

* No iBFT support yet. We need to figure out what to pass to dracut and whether
dracut can handle it.  I have quite simple patch to support iBFT in anaconda
ready. 6.4 stuff?

* I may squash some of the patches before pushing, I am leaving them
split for review.

Updates image for RHEL6.3-20120226.n.0 nightly (and hopefuly some later):

Screencast of GUI session:
Screencast of TUI session:

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