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Re: Coordinating https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/InitialExperience with firsboot, anaconda

> - Can we add an option to firstboot that lets us embed it into another
> window (via xembed) ? That would really help us in maintaining support
> for third-party firstboot screens with only a small compromise on the
> initial-setup user experience. I think Jasper has been trying to get an
> answer on this; he can probably provide a patch if needed.

I've not looked at firstboot in quite a while, but yes I do think that
would be possible.

> - You mention firstboot will skip screens that have been 'marked as
> done'. How is that going to be communicated from anaconda to firstboot ?
> We may want to use this information in initial-setup as well.

This hasn't been decided yet.  The firstboot-like screens on the second
hub of anaconda are currently targeted for F19, so I've not even started
to look at how this communication will be accomplished.

> - You say anaconda will create a user, but then you mention root, so
> this is not entirely clear. Do you plan to have a fully-featured account
> creation screen in anaconda, including network accounts ? I assume this
> is going to be optional as well ?

Current newui anaconda does not include a place to set up a root
password - we're moving towards having just the user created during
installation to be set up in sudo and all that as well.  So yeah, we'll
have to create a user somewhere in anaconda.  The plan was to do that
off the second hub, and yes I think it was going to be pretty

Everything off the second hub is planned as being optional to do within
anaconda.  Some of the things may be required to be done eventually,
though.  At least, you will need to create a user somewhere if you
expect to be able to log in.

- Chris

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