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Re: newui python-meh

On Mon, 2012-07-09 at 10:04 -0400, Chris Lumens wrote:
> > Here is a video preview of the new python-meh design implementation:
> > 
> > http://vpodzime.fedorapeople.org/python-meh_preview.ogg
> > 
> > It follows the debug-off mockup [1]. There also is a debug-on mockup
> > [2], but I think adding the debug option and the code for it just to
> > have a Debug button "one click closer" is not necessary.
> > 
> > Any comments or ideas?
> Overall, I like it.  My only nitpicks are:
> (1) Can you make it a little bit bigger to begin with, so the traceback
> doesn't look so squashed?
You mean even in the non-expanded state? Or should the window grow even
bigger when the "More info" gets expanded? The latter seems funny,
because being still centered, the window moves a lot when expanding and
you end up with mouse pointer in different part of the window. [1] But
maybe that's ok.

> (2) When you resize the window, the "The output below..." text appears
> to float to the right a little bit and is also indented.  Can you make
> it line up with the left side of the traceback view?

Good points, thanks.


Vratislav Podzimek

Anaconda Rider | Red Hat, Inc. | Brno - Czech Republic

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