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Re: [PATCH anaconda/master] Add support to determine the ARM processor variety and select the correct kernel to install.

Attached is my latest version of this patch. It was made against the current anaconda/master and applied to 17.29 for testing on F17.


David A. Marlin wrote:

Attached is my latest version of the ARM processor variety patch. It incorporates suggestions made previously, and was made against anaconda/master (but applied to 17.29 for testing).

I simplified the hash/lookup by consolidating some machine types, but I understand this may still be unacceptable. I am currently tracking master and carrying these patches locally. I keep the rpms in a local repo for testing.

We are working on a method of exposing the platform in userspace, but that is not in place yet. Would it be possible to accept this as an interim solution with the expressed intent that the hash would be removed as soon as an alternative solution is available? If not, would a version of this patch with the hash/lookup stubbed out be acceptable? I would like to get as much of this upstream as possible, to minimize the patch(es) I need to carry locally and simplify keeping up with master. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Note: We successfully completed a test kickstart install on an ARM system today using the modified anaconda-17.29.



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Signed-off-by: David A. Marlin <dmarlin redhat com>
diff --git a/pyanaconda/iutil.py b/pyanaconda/iutil.py
index 8fe818d..b0d9adc 100644
--- a/pyanaconda/iutil.py
+++ b/pyanaconda/iutil.py
@@ -621,6 +621,42 @@ def getPPCMacBook():
         return 1
     return 0
+## Get the ARM processor variety.
+# @return The ARM processor variety type, or 0 if not ARM.
+def getARMMachine():
+    if not isARM():
+        return 0
+    armMachine = None
+    machine = None
+    # ARM machine hash
+    armType = {
+                'OMAP'                : 'omap',
+                'trimslice'           : 'tegra',
+                'Marvell Armada XP'   : 'mvebu',
+                'Marvell GuruPlug'    : 'kirkwood',
+                'Efika MX'            : 'imx',
+                'Highbank'            : 'highbank',
+              }
+    f = open('/proc/cpuinfo', 'r')
+    lines = f.readlines()
+    f.close()
+    for line in lines:
+        if line.find('Hardware') != -1:
+            machine = line.split(':')[1]
+            break
+    if machine is not None:
+        for type in armType.items():
+            if machine.find(type[0]) != -1:
+                armMachine = type[1]
+                break
+    return armMachine
 cell = None
 ## Determine if the hardware is the Cell platform.
 # @return True if so, False otherwise.
diff --git a/pyanaconda/platform.py b/pyanaconda/platform.py
index 8870374..1611797 100644
--- a/pyanaconda/platform.py
+++ b/pyanaconda/platform.py
@@ -335,6 +335,7 @@ class Sparc(Platform):
         return start+1
 class ARM(Platform):
+    _armMachine = iutil.getARMMachine()
     _bootloaderClass = bootloader.GRUB2
     _boot_stage1_device_types = ["disk"]
     _boot_mbr_description = N_("Master Boot Record")
@@ -343,6 +344,10 @@ class ARM(Platform):
     _disklabel_types = ["msdos"]
+    @property
+    def armMachine(self):
+        return self._armMachine
 def getPlatform(anaconda):
     """Check the architecture of the system and return an instance of a
        Platform subclass to match.  If the architecture could not be determined,
diff --git a/pyanaconda/yuminstall.py b/pyanaconda/yuminstall.py
index 0ca534b..63d077d 100644
--- a/pyanaconda/yuminstall.py
+++ b/pyanaconda/yuminstall.py
@@ -1465,6 +1465,11 @@ reposdir=/etc/anaconda.repos.d,/tmp/updates/anaconda.repos.d,/tmp/product/anacon
             if selectKernel("kernel-PAE"):
                 foundkernel = True
+        if not foundkernel and iutil.isARM():
+            if anaconda.platform.armMachine is not None:
+                selectKernel("kernel-" + anaconda.platform.armMachine)
+                foundkernel = True
         if not foundkernel:

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