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Re: UI status braindump, part II

> 7) Fedora Software Selection
> ============================
> For Fedora, we talked about:
> - Left column, your option of desktop spins as well as a minimal "no
> desktop" option equivalent to @core

> - Right column, functional spins package groups (e.g., electronic
> lab,
> security spin, design suite, etc.), normal package groups without
> language support groups.

Do we have data source for this? What about offline installs? If spins are changed to be metapackages, we can just filter them by special group (Spin :). If not, where do we get the list?

> - adding extra repos - still needs to be worked out, we forgot to
> talk
> about this.

There is a glade for this already. No code though.. The question still is.. are we going to support people's repositories? And where are we going to get the list from if we do?

13) Rescue mode

- any plans?
- I sent a message to the list two weeks ago asking for user cases with my comments about the issues we might encounter


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