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Re: newui python-meh

> Are we thinking about having this dialog as a lightbox? Cause that would
> be complicated since python-meh is an external module, runs it's own
> Gtk.main loop and has almost no way to reference the window it appears
> above.

That's not really very different from the rest of newui, though.  Lots
of dialogs run their own main loop.  And there's got to be a way to get
at the python-meh provided GtkWindow, doesn't there?  It's been a while
since I looked at the code though.

> > Can you make the dialog pre-expansion larger by default? I think it's
> > okay to have some padding/whitespace when there isn't a traceback being
> > displayed?
> > 
> Sure, this is just a matter of few simple changes in the glade file.
> However I think that the large window with a short text and two buttons
> looks awkward. [1]

You're right, that does look awkward.

- Chris

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