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Re: UI status braindump, part I

> > So, it's been pointed out that while we allow users to select the
> > language the Anaconda UI is displayed in on the very first screen, we
> > don't allow them to select a keyboard layout. This is problematic
> > because we have a network dialog after that, and if they cannot type
> > their AP password or input their network information using the default
> > layout for their chosen language, they can't benefit from any of the
> > geo-ip and network features (like pre-downloading repo metadata) the new
> > UI offers. 
> Mentioning the geo-ip, I would like to remind everybody that we still
> have no server to query for the geo-ip data. At least I don't know about
> any.

I think we can keep looking at this through the F19 timeframe.  I'm not
concerned about it being in the initial release of newui.

> > - If you have a wireless connection, we pop up a 'simple dialog' (to be
> > mocked up by Ryan) where you pick an access point and input the password
> > (if necessary)
> Layouts won't be configured at this point. Obviously this is a "chicken
> egg dilemma".

Right, we've got some ideas for how to work in some layout selection to
the language selection screen up front.  It would certainly be nice to
use geoip for this, but not required.  I think we can make this work.

> > - Modify kickstart.py as necessary so that it can determine whether or
> > not a given file passed to it actually is a ks file.
> I believe this check should go to pykickstart itself, not to
> kickstart.py

Yeah, that's what she meant.

> > Okay more later hopefully :) Any questions etc please reply to list!
> How important are these things for the Fedora 18? I believe they are
> somewhere at the bottom of the TODO list. Aren't they?

#4 and #5 are likely F18 material, at least #4 and the related input
method stuff..  That one's pretty important.  I'll probably end up doing
#1 for F18 just because it looks fun.  The others are less important.

- Chris

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