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Re: UI status braindump, part II

> Do we really want to gamble with shrinking windows partitions?

We've offered Windows resizing for years now, so yeah I'm fine with
continuing to do so.

> > This doesn't mean we wipe that single disk. Instead, we autopart any
> > pre-existing free space on the disk. If that isn't enough space, we
> > automatically shrinkany filesystems as needed.
> And this means that if there is only one drive and enough space on it
> (shrinking the filesystems as needed), we would automatically let users
> to go through the hub #1 without any note about such "brutal"
> auto-partitioning done? And if they go to the Storage spoke, they will
> find the auto-partitioning based layout of their partitions there?
> Because if yes (and the following comment seems to be confirming my
> concern), I would, as a user, strongly dislike such things happening
> automatically.

Automatically shrinking is a little concerning, yeah.  However
automatically selecting the single available disk and attempting to do
autopart in the free space is reasonable.  If we can effectively tell
people what's going to happen, I don't see a problem with it.

> This applies to both #10 and #11:
> I think we should just write a guide (I could write such guide as I'm
> planning to write my own custom spoke) how to write Anaconda spokes and
> then help other teams with the development of *their* spokes maintained
> by them (probably as separate packages installed by lorax?).

That would be handy.  I could also write a guide, or at least edit it.

> And replacing firstboot with the second run of the Anaconda UI with
> unfinished spokes would allow us to use such spokes in both installation
> and setting up the installed system during the first boot.

The firstboot situation has become extremely complex, and I don't know
what we are going to do about it.

- Chris

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