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Re: UI status braindump, part II

> > For Fedora, we talked about:
> > - Left column, your option of desktop spins as well as a minimal "no
> > desktop" option equivalent to @core
> > - Right column, functional spins package groups (e.g., electronic
> > lab,
> > security spin, design suite, etc.), normal package groups without
> > language support groups.
> Do we have data source for this? What about offline installs? If spins
> are changed to be metapackages, we can just filter them by special
> group (Spin :). If not, where do we get the list?

We don't have a data source for this yet, no.  It was being talked about
as a reworking of comps (or some other similar metadata file shipped
with the repo).  I don't have any idea when we will see results which is
why newui currently just does the lame division it does.

> > - adding extra repos - still needs to be worked out, we forgot to
> > talk
> > about this.
> There is a glade for this already. No code though.. The question still
> is.. are we going to support people's repositories? And where are we
> going to get the list from if we do?

Last I heard, I thought we were not going to do the people repositories

> 13) Rescue mode
> ===============
> - any plans?
> - I sent a message to the list two weeks ago asking for user cases
> with my comments about the issues we might encounter

I haven't put in any time thinking about rescue mode, unfortunately.

- Chris

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