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Re: [PATCH anaconda/master] Add support to determine the ARM processor variety and select the correct kernel to install.

Matthew Garrett wrote:
In the common case we're going to be running Anaconda under a Fedora kernel, so we should already have the kernel packaging name in the uname output from EXTRAVERSION - presumably we can just parse that out and use it to detemrine the package name? You'd want a way to manually override that for bootstrapping, but that might well be a desirable feature anyway.

I am sending an updated version of this patch to the anaconda-patches lists fedorahosted org mailing list for review. It only addresses the first part of the suggested solution (parse uname to get the platform). I talked with Dennis Gilmore, and he said he has been working on a command line option for livemedia-creator to override the platform, so if this patch is acceptable he can follow up with a second patch to handle that.

Please let me know if you have any additional suggestions for improvement.

Thank you,


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