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Re: UI status braindump, part I

> ==============================
> http://linuxgrrl.com/fedora-ux/Projects/Anaconda/Flows/full-flow_26sep2011.png 
> I know we came up with the "Choose Disks" flow in there to limit the
> number of disks selectable later on in the UI to 10 or less because of a
> discussion we had in Westford some months back. I don't remember all the
> particulars (eek) so I wonder if we still need it? If so we need to mock
> it up.

I don't remember why this is there, but not it comes immediately before
upgrade.  Therefore, I think it might be upgrade related.  Since we're
not doing anything with upgrades in anaconda anymore, this wouldn't be

> Chris & other Anaconda riders
> =============================
> - Search the install media and any USB media attached to the system for
> ks files, only in the root directory. 

This is hard, because we won't be able to determine what's USB media
until storage probing is done.  That could be at any time - the user
could be on some spoke.  Do we just pop up a dialog as soon as we've
found things?  That could look pretty awkward.

I wonder if we should tell the user to provide some command line
parameter next time they start up anaconda, and we could key on the
presence of that parameter to put the user at some point they can't go
past while we probe.

- Chris

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