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Re: Use systemd-localed?

On Fri, 2012-07-20 at 11:31 +0200, Vratislav Podzimek wrote:
> As it was suggested in the discussion here on the devel list, we could
> use the systemd-localed DBus service [1] to set keyboard layouts. I've
> looked at it and tried some tests and here are the results:
> 1.) The main problem is, that this service allows to set only one
> keyboard layout and is therefore not usable for us for setting multiple
> X11 keyboard layouts.

Can you explain this a bit more (mostly for us poor ignorant keymap=us
users)? Some questions:

What do you mean by "multiple keyboard layouts"? Multiple keyboards, or
keymap switching (using a hotkey or something)?

Do people use this in anaconda?

How do you switch keyboard layouts in a normal system? (iBus?)

If normal systems use iBus for keymap switching, why can't we do that in

If this is a shortcoming of launchd, can we ask them about adding
support for it?

> 2.) While it has a method for setting the virtual console keyboard
> layout too, it provides us the same functionality as loadkeys command. I
> see no reason for replacing loadkeys calling with DBus method
> invocations. Once rhbz#837292 [2] gets resolved it would allow us to use
> more keyboard layouts in the console, but for now I don't see any reason
> to use it.

It would let us remove most of keyboard.py and use existing (and
up-to-date!) system services instead - less code for us to maintain, and
the DBus API is more likely to stay stable.

I mean, that's the new game, right? Whoever removes the most code wins!
(And you all have a lot of catching up to do.. :P)


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