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Re: Text based UI - framework core, example hub&spokes and input related questions


> > I agree and we should be able to separate the UI agnostic parts to
> > some kind of common/ abstract classes and then inherit from those
> > for
> > GUI and TUI cases.
> that's what I'm working on now, getting the hub/spoke framework in
> place
> so that you can plug in the presentation part.

I don't think it is possible to make the whole hub/spoke abstract and just switch the rendering library because the screen structure will very probably have to be different.

I was thinking just about abstracting the logic pieces we have there - code to get/enable ntp, get current keyboard, check repositories.. and then using those pieces to create separate TUI specific hub & spoke code.

Can you elaborate of your approach a bit more? So I can think about it too?

Because from what I saw in the GUI code, we cannot use the Gtk main loop, screen management is different and the only common piece of API there is are the status and completed methods. The rest is already too GUI specific (glade stuff, widget and gtk data manipulation...).

> > There is one more issue coming up, how do handle textual/numeric
> > input? Can we use readline on s390? Or maybe use readline only
> > where
> > it is supported? Does anybody know how does that work on those dumb
> > terminals?
> Not a clue.

Guys? Any ideas?


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