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Re: Text based UI - framework core, example hub&spokes and input related questions


I am a bit confused about the direction you are pursuing.. comments bellow:

> The code I'm talking about re-using involves finding hub(s) to run,
> and
> when a hub is picked, finding the spokes that should run with that
> hub,
> using the same methods of getting choices out of the spoke and into
> the
> ksdata, etc...

Yep, that is what I would do.

> Using the same hub/spoke like objects as in the GUI
> seems
> to work, all that's really necessary is overloading some functions
> and
> classes to replace gtk calls and glade file loading with something
> more
> appropriate for text.

> I have some code mostly working.  I've replaced the window.show_all()
> function with something that just spits text onto the screen, and
> just
> commented out a the Gtkmain() calls so there is no real user control
> right now.  It just finds the spoke(s) and displays them, along with
> the
> associated ksdata.

Wait a minute, what is the hierarchy here? Are you inheriting the TUI classes from the GUI stuff?

>  I'm nearly to the point where you can call
> run-hub.py with a text hub and have it do something sensible there
> too.
> I'll post code in a little bit, maybe next week and we can look at
> all
> the overloads and code duplication to see if refactoring some of the
> ui/gui/ stuff makes sense.

If I got this correctly and you are using the GUI as a base for textual interface I tried to do it the other way.
Creating (or improving) a common base classes for GUI and TUI to inherit from.

You can see the work in progress here on the newtui branch:

http://fedorapeople.org/cgit/msivak/public_git/anaconda.git/ (once fedorapeople refreshes it)


git clone git://fedorapeople.org/~msivak/anaconda.git

It is probably not working atm, but I am also getting close :)


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