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Re: Bug in newui and python-meh problem


It might be possible to try equivalent of Gtk2 locking stuff:

gdk.threads_init() // this we probably do

gtk.threads_enter() // this might be used to get a lock on Gtk internals
gtk.threads_leave() // around the meh code in the separate thread

I can't promise it will work though :)


----- Original Message -----
> When trying to make python-meh exception handling work, I've hit a
> traceback [1]. It happens every time, but since it is in separate
> thread, without python-meh everything else goes on. I've used the
> updates.img to use up to date code.
> Another problem is, that if unhandled exception appears in a separate
> thread, python-meh displays the mainExceptionWindow, but then
> immediately whole Gtk crashes with many error messages on tty1. I
> guess
> the problem is that python-meh runs another Gtk main loop from a
> different
> thread. Any ideas how to resolve that?
> Appart from that, I added some patches that make python-meh work
> (posted on our patches list).
> [1] http://fpaste.org/Fbiu/
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