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Bill's patch for software selection + comps metadata

For those of us not on anaconda-patches list (like myself and the other
designers I know are monitoring this list :) ):


Here is the screencast Bill Nottingham made of the UI changes in the

Some things Chris, Bill, and I discussed about the patch:

- Overall a great idea.

- 'Installation Type' is maybe an odd term to use. We talked about using
the term 'Environment' instead - that term is inclusive of all the
desktop options and (no-desktop) minimal install that are in that
selection box.

- We use the term 'install class' a lot, so it might be better to pick a
different term. Bill has used install class here to mean a desktop + the
comps groups that are compatible with it = a base package set. Some
alternatives Bill proposed (with some thesaurus help):


My suggestion is to use "environment collection" (even though it's long)
because I think collection is the most appropriate term (a group of
sets, think Flickr 'collections' vs 'sets') but it's also important to
use the term 'environment' in it so that someone looking at the comps
knows that it relates to the 'environment' widget in the UI.



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