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cannot install; anaconda GUI problem on TC5

The is a problem with bugzilla and I get "502 proxy error" trying to create a new report or the info here would be in the report.

I have been doing lots of qemu-kvm testing of Fedora 20 but it was time to do some installs on real hardware. This was mainly to be a "clean" install since I have previously installed from the alpha and then continuously updated. I should have done this earlier since this is a bit late in the game to find something like this.

The problem: boot the TC5 DVD and attempt to do a regular gui install. Anaconda dies with a X server error. I have the following files: anaconda.log anaconda-tb-4lkAzT program.log storage.log syslog X.log

I do not want to attach all of these here and clutter this mailing list. If one specific file would help or the email address for someone I could email these to would be even better.

From anaconda.log:
07:50:14,293 ERR anaconda: Problems running the window manager: [Errno 0] SIGCHLD caught when trying to start the X server.


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