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Re: analyzing all /etc/fstab files??

On Wed, 2013-12-11 at 13:07 -0500, Gene Czarcinski wrote:
> I appear to have been hit by a change in the way anaconda & blivet 
> initialization work.  I could install just fine with the Fedora-20-Beta 
> DVD but hit huge problems with Fedora-20-TC5 on real hardware.
> The systems involved are real hardware and each have multiple installs 
> into different partitions (a mixture of regular partitions, logical 
> volumes and BTRFS subvolumes).  Not all of these install can still 
> boot.  An example:
>     1. a system installed on lvm-root1 with /boot on /dev/sda6
>     2. later, a new ssd was added and /dev/sda6 was used for /boot with 
> the rootfs on a subvol on the new ssd.
>     3. This left lvm-root1 still existing but with a UUID for /boot 
> which no longer existed on ths hardware.
> The result: anaconda/blivet barf all over the place with very strange 
> errors. saying it cannot find a UUID.  Of course not, it is gone.  So what!

Are you talking about crash, error message dialog, or log contents?
Please clarify and provide the actual/exact messages.


> Not good, not good.  If nothing else, this needs to be documented so 
> other folks do not spend a lot of time chasing their tails.
> Gene
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