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Re: Feedback on installer/storage survey for usability tests

On Fri 04 Jan 2013 12:20:07 PM EST, "Jóhann B. Guðmundsson" wrote:
> Would it be good to have the project sponsor some entity like the NNG
> [1] to review the installer work on their proposed solution to the
> issue they find after all they are expert at this?

Why would we waste the budget? I have training (HCI Masters degree) and 
experience leading such studies and am fully comfortable leading the 
effort with our paid intern (who has completed an NNG group seminar / 
training class) and volunteers.

Bringing in a third party would also necessarily push out the timeline 
considerably. Nielsen himself makes the argument in Usability 
Engineering that it's much more cost-effective to run your own 
small-scale usability test (he calls this "discount usability 

Is there anything about our methodology that we've described thus far 
that concerns you that's led you to make this suggestion that we could 
talk about? If you have specific questions about how we're going about 
doing this that would help your confidence here, I'm happy to answer 


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