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Re: Feedback on installer/storage survey for usability tests

On 01/04/2013 12:54 PM, "Jóhann B. Guðmundsson" wrote:
>> Why would we waste the budget?
> If you would call that a waste

For a similar amount of money I think we could probably employ another
engineer or two to help improve the UI instead. :) I do think it's a
waste if we already have the resources to do it ourselves at little to
no cost. You know, why buy a huge mansion with a bat cave to sleep for a
night when you would do just fine to get a small hotel room.

> Other than us ( as in everyone in the community ) being to close to the
> project to arguably get a completely "neutral" criticism on the overall
> design then there is nothing that concerns me.
> We ( as in everyone in the community ) inadvertently may affect the
> outcome of such study hence the proposal to get a completely neutral
> third party to conduct an research.

I totally understand the third party concern. E.g., you don't want an
engineer to QA the code that she wrote herself, etc. In fairness,
neither Filip nor Stephanie were involved in the design of the new UI at
all and both are new to contributing to Anaconda and at least in
Stephanie's case, Fedora. While there will be some Red Hatters helping
administer the test in Brno, none of the Anaconda developers will be
involved in test administration.

I am also hoping we can do a run of the test in Boston as well, so we
would have more data and could compare to the Brno results. Similarly, I
would not be running that test since I'm not a neutral party at all, and
I think likely my colleague Ryan Lerch who has experience running a
similar sort of usability test would be running that.

> Having an third party conduct an research would give you/us also
> something to compare the findings from your/our research to theirs.
> It was just an idea feel free to dismiss it...

Fair enough, thanks for the idea.


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