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Re: Feedback on installer/storage survey for usability tests

On 01/04/2013 12:56 PM, Robyn Bergeron wrote:
> For questions 5 and beyond - if the users are indicating that they are a
> novice, they may not actually be familiar with the terms below. Even
> though you have things like "circle all that apply" it might be useful
> to have an answer along the lines of "no experience" or "not familiar
> with any", etc. - makes for less questioning as to whether or not they
> understood the question, got bored and didn't finish, etc. :) 

This is a great point. Maybe we can push all of the technical stuff
solidly to the very bottom, and have a thing that says, "If no, you've
completed this survey, thanks!" Something like that? Maybe chunk it into
two parts, one higher up for sys-admin level usage, and another one
further down for advanced storage tech so a sys=admin who isn't as
experienced with advanced storage can just skip that section.

> And in
> some cases can avoid someone just circling "something" because they felt
> like they were supposed to answer all the questions, which leads to
> random, wacky data. (Question 9 is a good example here.)  Particularly
> with in-person type surveys done in groups - a lot of times nobody wants
> to be the person to raise their hand and say "do I circle something if I
> don't know what it is" because of how they might be perceived.

I think we also might want to have a preface on the top of the survey
that says something like, "We're trying to gauge your familiarity and
experience with some of the technologies that are possible to work with
in this software. This is just to help us interpret the results of your
test, and is not any kind of intelligence test or quiz. Please don't
feel uncomfortable if you're not familiar with what a question is
asking, and feel free to skip any questions you're not comfortable with."

> Other thoughts: Since it looks like this is happening at devconf.cz - if
> it is not being translated, it might be worthwhile to find out if
> english is a primary/secondary/etc. language as a demographics-type
> question.

Filip has offered to translate our testing materials for us for use at
devconf.cz. I am hoping to run the test in Boston as well.

> It might also be useful to ask if they are willing to answer follow-up
> questions at a later date, and obtain a method for doing so, just in
> case. :)

Great idea!

Thanks Robyn, this is exactly the type of feedback we're looking for. :)


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