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Re: Feedback on installer/storage survey for usability tests

On Jan 4, 2013, at 9:16 AM, Máirín Duffy <duffy fedoraproject org> wrote:

> - Did we miss any key technologies in the lists of questions to ask?

Multiboot question: How many, and which, other OS do they natively boot (not VM) on their hardware. Single disk or multi-disk?

Since new anaconda, and GRUB2 can do this, I'm curious how many respondents find useful, and/or know that they now can:

Boot md RAID 0, 1, 4, 5, 6 with /boot contained in the array. i.e. GRUB can assemble the array.

Directly boot file systems other than ext[234], e.g. XFS and Btrfs, i.e. GRUB can navigate /boot on those file systems.

Other questions to ask:

Familiarity with, value of: snapshots.
Familarity with, value of: data checksumming; alternatively, Familiarity with, concern for storage related silent data corruption.
Familiarity with, value of: array scrubbing (find and fix file errors online)
Familiarity with, value of: storage pooling (using space on multiple drives as if it were one device)

> 6) What different file systems are you familiar with? (circle all that
> apply)
> ext2 / ext3 / ext4	
> btrfs	
> VFAT		
> NTFS		
> XFS	
> HFS / HFS+	
> Other ____________

A minor point, but HFS can be deleted and leave just HFS+. HFS is beyond ancient. Even on OS X it's read-only and hasn't been possible to create an HFS volume in years.

And perhaps add ZFS.

> 7) Have you used any of the following networked file systems?
> Ceph
> Gluster
> Lustre

Suggest adding AFP to be consistent with offering HFS+ in 6, admittedly obscure.

> 9) How much experience do you have with Logical Volume Management (LVM)?
> (circle one)
> I've used it before as an automatically-selected / default storage option
> I've customized it manually before		
> I've resized LVs before
> I've managed LVM storage across multiple machines

Suggest deleting "before" in all cases, superfluous.

> 10) Do you prefer to configure software RAID?
> Yes	
> No	
> If so, please specify:
> RAID 0		
> RAID 1		
> RAID 4		
> RAID 5		
> RAID 6 		
> RAID 10	RAID 0+1	
> RAID 1+0

I think the question needs to be differently phrased, I'm not sure what's meant by prefer, but based on the please specify list I think the question is "Do you use software RAID?" and then "Specify all that apply". Or even more granular might be "Please specify frequency of usage" and come up with some simple scale: blank=never 1=seldom 2=sometimes 3=often.

Also, RAID 10 is the same as RAID 1+0. I think the two lines after RAID 6 should be:
RAID 0+1

And, in the realm of advanced storage, but maybe not in an installer context, would be these nested RAID levels:
Other ____

> 11) If you customize your storage configuration when installing Linux,
> how many disks, what kind of layout, and what technologies do you most
> often use? (Please draw a diagram of how you would set this up)

I'd make the diagram optional, unless you'd rather have some responses go blank on this: (Please feel free to draw a diagram of how you would set this up).

Chris Murphy

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