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Re: Feedback on installer/storage survey for usability tests

On Fri, 04 Jan 2013 11:16:42 -0500
Máirín Duffy <duffy fedoraproject org> wrote:


I added a few comments in line - apologies if I've misunderstood the
purpose behind some of the questions or the target audience.

> 5) Do you have experience installing any Virtual Machines? Which ones?

This is a nitpick, but I wonder if that would be better phrased as
"installing to" instead of "installing any"?

> Xen
> Microsoft Hyper-V
> Parallels
> Virtual PC
> VMware
> Other ________

Based mostly on the comments I've seen in #fedora-qa and other
conversations I've had with people outside of Fedora, I suspect that
VirtualBox is a bit more common than some of the hypervisors listed
here. I didn't even know that Virtual PC was still used much.

I don't know if this is useful input but when I've given presentations
that touch on virtualization in the past, most people I've interacted
with had no idea what QEMU or KVM was. It seemed that far more people
were aware of vmware, virtualbox and xen but that might be just the
people I end up interacting with.

> 6) What different file systems are you familiar with? (circle all that
> apply)
> ext2 / ext3 / ext4	
> btrfs	
> VFAT		
> NTFS		
> XFS	
> HFS / HFS+	
> Other ____________

I wonder if it would be wise to include the OS with those filesystems.
I suspect that there are many users who aren't aware that ext is a
common fs for linux, NTFS is the current fs for windows and HFS+ is the
default for OS X.

I'm not sure that I understand how this relates to usability outside of
which OSs are commonly dual-booted with Fedora and how much interest
there is in btrfs. I could be missing something but if that is the
target of this question, might it be better to ask that ("what OSs have
you dual-booted Fedora with") directly? 

> 7) Have you used any of the following networked file systems?
> Ceph
> Gluster
> Lustre

Similar to the fs question #6, I imagine that adding a comment on how
SMB/CIFS ~= windows share might yield more complete data

> 8) Do you have experience with advanced storage technologies?
> a) If so, which kinds? (circle all that apply)
> iSCSI		
> Fibre Channel	
> Multi-path Storage	
> FCoE
> Firmware RAID
> Other ________

What is multi-path storage in this context? It seems to be a little out
of place on this list (redundancy technique instead of protocol).
Firmware RAID is also a bit ambiguous - are you interested in hardware
raid that shows up as a disk to the OS or mdraid devices (intel raid,
nvraid et. al)?

> b) If so, do you have a preferred storage vendor?
> Dell
> NetApp
> Other ________

This is another one that I'm not really clear on - how does the storage
vendor relate to OS installer usability? The only thing I can think of
is to get an idea of which third-party drivers might be needed (would
any of that be open source, though?), where to focus integration testing
or if there was some sort of interface to the storage controller during
installation but there can be quite a bit of variation between product
lines of a single vendor.

With the exception of IBM storage (which I don't have any experience
with or much knowledge of - this might apply to their storage products
as well), I think all the rest of the vendors in that list produce
products that speak standard protocols in the context of what we can
have on the Fedora install media. AFAIK, multipath iSCSI setup should
be the same on NetApp as on Dell or any other iSCSI target and the same
goes for EMC or the other FC array manufacturers (again, within the
context of what we can put on Fedora media).

> 9) How much experience do you have with Logical Volume Management
> (LVM)? (circle one)
> I've used it before as an automatically-selected / default storage
> option I've customized it manually before		
> I've resized LVs before
> I've managed LVM storage across multiple machines
> 10) Do you prefer to configure software RAID?
> Yes	
> No	

This might be a bit nitpicky, but I wonder if this question might be
better phrased like "do you use software RAID" and potentially asking
about preference over hardware solutions.

> If so, please specify:

"If so, which RAID levels do you frequently use"?

> RAID 0		
> RAID 1		
> RAID 4		
> RAID 5		
> RAID 6 		
> RAID 10	RAID 0+1	
> RAID 1+0
> 11) If you customize your storage configuration when installing Linux,
> how many disks, what kind of layout, and what technologies do you most
> often use? (Please draw a diagram of how you would set this up)
> 12) Do you have any other comments about file and storage technologies
> that you want to share?

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