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Re: Feedback on installer/storage survey for usability tests

Dne 7.1.2013 17:06, Máirín Duffy napsal(a):
Hi Filip,

On Mon 07 Jan 2013 06:04:51 AM EST, Filip Kosík wrote:
I made my own very rough draft of survey before I read Stephanie's
draft (to not be influenced):

Cool, this sounds really good! Can you post your draft version as well
and we could potentially merge them?


It was really rough draft (as I mentioned earlier). I just translated it into English, and there is:

[ ] < 18
[ ] 18-26
[ ]  …

[ ] _________

Education attainment (completed highest level)
[ ] Graduate degree
[ ] Bachelor's degree
[ ] less …

[ ] non-IT
[ ] Development, analysis
[ ] Tech. support (HW)
[ ] Tech. support (SW administration)
[ ] Management
[ ] …

Size of company
[] 0-5 employees
[] 6-10 employees
[] 11-100 employees
[] >100 employees

Computer (and Internet) experience

In a week, how much time do you spend using a computer?
[ ] Less than 2 hour a week
[ ] 2-5 hours a week
[ ] 5-10 hours a week
[ ] > 10 hours a week
(note: Maybe some other question to clarify the computer experience.)

Which operating system have you ever installed? (Check all that apply)
[ ] MS Win
[ ] Fedora (17 or less) or some other Anaconda based Linux distribution
[ ] Fedora 18 (including Beta)
[ ] non-Anaconda Linux
[ ] Other ______
(note: It can be very helpful and unique view for us to involve some non-Linux users. In this case, there should be question about other Linux experience.)

Are you linux sys-admin (or have you ever been linux sys-admin)? And how long?
[ ] I am not sys-admin
[ ] less than half a year
[ ] …

If you are linux sys-admin: What is the maximum number of computers that you have ever maintained (as linux sys-admin)?
[ ] 1-3
[ ] …

Do you have some experience with virtualization?
[ ] Xen
[ ] KVM
[ ] VirtualBox
[] …

Maybe there can be some other questions that enable to estimate the level of experience working/administering with Linux. Like: experience with LVM, NFS, RAID, work with partitions, work with Linux installation server (like Coobbler), kickStart, etc.

Are there some user profiles that would describe the required test participants? Stephanie's survey draft suggests that users (or one group of them) should be linux sys-admins. I think that very important group of test participants should include less experienced users (even linux novices). These profiles could affect the content of the questionnaire.


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