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Re: Feedback on installer/storage survey for usability tests

Hi Filip!

On 01/07/2013 03:48 PM, Filip Kosík wrote:
> Are there some user profiles that would describe the required test
> participants? Stephanie's survey draft suggests that users (or one group
> of them) should be linux sys-admins. I think that very important group
> of test participants should include less experienced users (even linux
> novices). These profiles could affect the content of the questionnaire.

Yeh, I definitely agree that we need novices testing out the UI as well.
I'm thinking ideally we'd have a mix, maybe 50/50, of novice and more
technical users. The user profiles in particular that we have in mind
are the following three:

1) Novice users (who may be new to Linux entirely) who just want to
install a desktop system

2) Experienced Linux users who may dabble in system administration, are
very technical, and enjoy trying out different technologies

3) Professional system administrators who work with advanced storage
devices and configurations, typically on the job, not really for fun

Do these make sense? We could have variants of the test, some very
general (simply to install Fedora in your preferred language/keyboard
layout) and give those variants to the novice users, and then have
technology-specific variants (install using BTRFS / install using RAID
10 / install using LVM with this layout) and give those variants to the
self-identified experience & pro users?


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