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Re: Feedback on installer/storage survey for usability tests

Hi Tim,

7.1.2013 17:06, Tim Flink wrote:
b) If so, do you have a preferred storage vendor?

This is another one that I'm not really clear on - how does the storage
vendor relate to OS installer usability? The only thing I can think of
is to get an idea of which third-party drivers might be needed (would
any of that be open source, though?), where to focus integration testing
or if there was some sort of interface to the storage controller during
installation but there can be quite a bit of variation between product
lines of a single vendor.
and we could potentially merge them?

I have to agree that some questions are not related to usability tests of Fedora installer. On the other hand, some questions are necessary to know our participants (determine their level of skill/knowledge of Linux). Also we want to find people who fit user profiles for our tests (there will be several different profiles - which we discuss with Duffy in this thread).


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