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Feedback on installer/storage survey for usability tests (Draft 2)

Hi folks!

Based on your very helpful feedback from the last thread, Stephanie put
together another draft of the usability pre-test survey. It integrates a
lot of your feedback plus some of the questions from Filip's survey.

The draft is in PDF format this time because some of the layouts we have
in the survey would fall apart in plain text - apologies for that, we
know it's not possible to comment in-line now.

The survey draft is available in PDF and ODT format, the PDF is here
(ODT in the same directory):


If you have time to take another look and help us sanity-check the
survey, we would really appreciate it. Remember that this survey is for
usability test participants to fill out before they take the usability
test, and the goal of it is for us to get more information about the
testers' backgrounds to help inform our interpretation of the test
results. It's not meant to be a general usage survey (which we could do
as well, but it would be a separate thing and likely run online instead
of on paper like this will be.)


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