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Re: Anaconda package and gnome requirements


Someone has to start the WM and currently that someone is anaconda. That is the reason for the require.

Firstboot has the same issue.. it needs window manager to handle screens and dialogs, but systemd
unit files start primarily [GK]DM where you have to log in first. There is no service to start bare
window manager.


----- Original Message -----
> Martin Sivak (msivak redhat com) said:
> > For example with metacity, we could require only window manager
> > alias
> > instead (like the old firstboot does). Both Anaconda and
> > inital-setup will
> > then use that alias to start it's window manager (which would point
> > to metacity
> > in Anaconda and to whatever is installed in inital-setup). Lorax
> > will make
> > sure that the proper window manager is installed and configured in
> > the
> > installation environment.
> If lorax ensures that the proper env is in the installation
> environment,
> and live installs specify their own desktop groups anyway, does
> anaconda
> need to require a WM at all? Wouldn't it just stick to the
> pygobject3, etc.
> basics?
> Bill
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