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Re: Anaconda package and gnome requirements

On Mon, 2013-01-14 at 08:41 -0500, Martin Sivak wrote:
> Hi,
> the new firstboot (inital-setup) will require anaconda. That will cause all anaconda dependencies to be pulled into the installed environment. And KDE or Xfce based installs will get a lot of unnecessary gnome clutter this way.
> So I would like to know where exactly do we need Gnome specific packages (metacity I know about.. are there any others?) and if we can remove those pieces to anaconda-gnome subpackage or lorax itself.
> For example with metacity, we could require only window manager alias instead (like the old firstboot does). Both Anaconda and inital-setup will then use that alias to start it's window manager (which would point to metacity in Anaconda and to whatever is installed in inital-setup). Lorax will make sure that the proper window manager is installed and configured in the installation environment.

I have patches to split the installer-specific scripts
(eg: /usr/sbin/anaconda) and the runtime requires (eg: metacity) into an
anaconda-installer subpackage. The pyanaconda module will be in the main
anaconda package with significantly fewer requires than the current
package. I'll be sending these patches out in the next couple of weeks.
I can provide details about the new requires if you want them.


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