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Re: Anaconda usability test rough plan for Devconf.cz

> > 1) Dual-boot: provide the user with a VM that has Windows
> > installed,
> > and see if the user can install Fedora alongside it without wiping
> > Windows. How we do this depends on whether or not the shrink/resize
> > partitions UI is available - did we drop it for final?
> Btw. not only shrink was dropped but we would not be able to provide
> Windows at all (licenses etc.).

We can use this:

I have the images locally and I have confirmed with Richard Fontana (RH lawyer) that they can be used for dual-boot testing purposes (I assume this is essentially the same use case as our Fedora QA use case). The only problem is that KVM support needs to be verified (according to [1] we might need Fedora 18), or we need to use VirtualBox. I quickly tried KVM and the Windows installer doesn't boot, but maybe it just needs some tweaking.

[1] http://www.linux-kvm.org/page/Guest_Support_Status

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