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Re: Anaconda usability test rough plan for Devconf.cz


15.1.2013 10:53, Jaroslav Reznik wrote:> ----- Original Message -----
>> Hi folks,
>> Stephanie is going to be working on the final touches (fixing typos,
>> adjusting typography, etc.) of the survey for the anaconda usability
>> tests this week - thank you very much for all of the helpful feedback
>> on list.
>> I wanted to share with you a potential rough plan for the usability
>> test at Devconf, and I'd like to ask for your feedback on that as
>> well.
>> Stephanie, Filip, and I have talked about given the time we have
>> allotted at Devconf, we'll probably run two rounds of tests, with
>> four users in each round.
> Hi!
> We got scheduled to Meeting point 2 on Saturday, from 12:30 PM to 3:40 PM,
> there are currently free slots after the lab but also OpenLMI guys would
> like to share our machines :(
> How many machines I should ask for? Last time I heard about 4 machines,
> so to have some reserve 6 would be enough I guess (and OpenLMI guys are
> going to use them too).

The last plan is: 4 participants for each round of usability tests. There will be 2 rounds. I think that there should be enough time (between these rounds) to prepare the same 4 machines for the next round. I think that 6 machines would be fine.

>> 1) Dual-boot: provide the user with a VM that has Windows installed,
>> and see if the user can install Fedora alongside it without wiping
>> Windows. How we do this depends on whether or not the shrink/resize
>> partitions UI is available - did we drop it for final?
> Btw. not only shrink was dropped but we would not be able to provide
> Windows at all (licenses etc.).

What about using the license under MSDN Academic Alliance? I have this license available for study purposes and my work on usability tests (among others) is part of my master thesis. Should I check the conditions of use?


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