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Anaconda Proposal: UPDATES IMAGE: Identity the UPDATES IMAGE

I have this proposal:

The objective is to make clear to the user and the developers that the
stock anaconda version was not used and an UPDATES images was used

1. First a 'string' should be set/defined in the UPDATES image.
   Example: "F18-TST-JOHNDOE-20121010-1.1"

When one boots anaconda using any UPDATES IMAGE, anaconda should
display the string at two places:

* First, in TEXT mode, before anaconda graphical UI stars. (Maybe in yellow)
  "Using an UPDATES Image: F18-TST-JOHNDOE-20121010-1.1"

* SECOND, in GRAPHICAL mode display at the upper left corner of them
MAIN HUB.  Append an "UPD" (or  a special mini-icon or a visual clue
to the developers) to  whatever is shown. Any 'screen-shot' taken will
show that an UPDATES image was in use and not the stock installer.
(The specific version information will be on the logs). An icon or
symbol might be better for the graphical UI than the specific string
(for aesthetic reasons).

Thanks in advance.

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