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Anaconda Proposal: Implement additional UPDATES kernel parameter variations

I have the following proposal for the 'updates=' (anaconda) boot parameter:

* updates=<url>

This is the current 'updates' boot parameter. <URL> = Image containing
updates over FTP or HTTP.

* updates=latest

This proposed boot parameter makes anaconda get the latest version of
anaconda (POST-RELEASE) UPDATES image from the standard location.
(Requires internet).
This will make possible for Anaconda developers to issue hot-fixes for
post release, if they see fit for it. (A new criteria for those
hot-fixes may be needed).

Example of standard location:


An extra boot entry could be added to Fedora ISO, under
'troubleshooting' (since it should not be done by default).

The boot entry can be named 'Update the installer to latest version
and install Fedora'.
Such entry could make use of the proposed boot parameter
'updates=latest'. This will make easy to update the installer from the
media. (no need to type URLs).

* updates=ask

This is a bit overkill, but it might be possible to do it. When one
ask for an updates, anaconda will present a list to select a specific
version of the UPDATES image.
If will query only the standard location.

In the standard location, these files might exist:
(points to u003)

So anaconda will present a menu:

Select the UPDATES Image from the list:

1) Anaconda 18.40.2-u003 (default, just press ENTER)
2) Anaconda 18.40.2-u002
3) Anaconda 18.40.2-u001
4) Do not update Anaconda, use the version included in the current media.

Thanks in advance.

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