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Re: Anaconda Proposal: UPDATES IMAGE: Identity the UPDATES IMAGE

> 1. First a 'string' should be set/defined in the UPDATES image.
>    Example: "F18-TST-JOHNDOE-20121010-1.1"

An updates image is just a cpio archive of files.  I really hesitate to
add extra metadata to that format.

> * First, in TEXT mode, before anaconda graphical UI stars. (Maybe in yellow)
>   "Using an UPDATES Image: F18-TST-JOHNDOE-20121010-1.1"
> * SECOND, in GRAPHICAL mode display at the upper left corner of them
> MAIN HUB.  Append an "UPD" (or  a special mini-icon or a visual clue
> to the developers) to  whatever is shown. Any 'screen-shot' taken will
> show that an UPDATES image was in use and not the stock installer.
> (The specific version information will be on the logs). An icon or
> symbol might be better for the graphical UI than the specific string
> (for aesthetic reasons).

But yeah I do agree with this.  We should definitely display the fact
that you are using an updates.img somewhere.  I'll look at what can be

- Chris

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