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Re: Anaconda Usability Test Draft Test Scripts

Hi folks -

> On Jan 17, 2013, at 12:02 PM, Filip Kosík <208245 mail muni cz> wrote:
>> I have only one suggestion for the introductory part of the test
>> scripts. There is the following sentence: “This session should take
>> about 30 minutes”. I think that it can be a bit stressful for some
>> participants. Maybe we can add the information that is not necessary to
>> complete the task. Or we can just mention that they need not worry about
>> time (we can terminate the test after our reserved time, of course).

On 01/17/2013 04:48 PM, Stephanie Manuel wrote:
> By giving them an idea of how long it will take helps them
> understand a little bit more of what to expect. I can change the wording a bit or
> add a statement after along the lines of: "Don't feel rushed or worry
> about the time." maybe to relieve any stress they may have. 

I think this is a good approach. I think the testers should know how
much time they're going to be spending on the test, but I also agree we
don't want to stress them out and rush them, so I think the statement
Stephanie came up with is fine to mitigate the potential issue there.

>> I have read quite a lot of literature about the usability testing,
>> but I have no practical experience yet. But in my opinion, some tasks
>> may be more specific (e.g. we can require specific settings during
>> “Non-English/US Install”). Maybe we can try a pilot test before DevConf.
> I think a pilot test is a good idea. I'll add a few tasks for the first use case. 

We don't need to add any specific tasks though, just as a note. I was
thinking the non-english/US install testers would basically be given
open reign over the UI, which is an okay methodology and not without


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