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"'Wow' for anaconda" !

You did a fantastic job, everybody! Remember this article when you read
the next bug report :)


"Fedora 18 revisited: Cinnamon, Xfce, LXDM, and a 'wow' for anaconda" by
J.A. Watson on ZDNet


"I've been rather blunt in my comments and criticism of anaconda, both
here in my own blog and in comments I've posted elsewhere. But on
reflection, I think it's important to remember that writing a program
like anaconda is a huge task: it's extremely complex and absolutely full
of variations, different paths to the final goal (installing Linux),
tons of minute details, every one of which has got to be exactly right.
And the complexity is increasing, not decreasing. Get anything wrong,
often even in the smallest detail, and you end up with a failed install
— or even worse, with an unbootable or even wiped disk or an otherwise
unusable system. I have never worked on or contributed to anaconda
(other than flippant criticism), but from having been on other such
projects I can tell you that you seldom hear about how well you have
done, but you always hear (generally at high volume) when something goes

"So I want to say right here and now, loud and clear, WOW. What a good
job. For this to be the first release of a complete redesign and rewrite
of anaconda, and for it to be this solid, is extremely impressive. Those
of us who know Fedora will know that this is not the 'last' version, it
isn't 'cast in concrete', it's going to continue to develop and improve,
and future releases will be even better. But this first release works,
and works quite well."


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