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Re: installer final touches matters

Please take discussions like these to the installer development list;
fedora-devel is too broad a list to discuss mintuae like this I think.

On 01/20/2013 05:15 AM, Muayyad AlSadi wrote:
> we see 3 items, one of them "no disk selected"
> it has the same level of importance as the rest two,
> I believe its background or foreground should be made red or orange.

Would it help if the bright orange /!\ icon immediately next to it was

> choosing the destination is scary, since people know there are some
> steps might wipe the entire disk, the screen below needs a way to gently
> tell the user that this step is not scare "the monster is not in this step"
> http://i.minus.com/jWQMDfIBvDHZZ.png

That's a fair point.

> later steps should *tell* the user what to do
> eg. delete a partition then activate auto partitioning
> or create an ext4 mounted as /
> always tell the user what is the problem and how can he/she fix it

Unfortunately, Anaconda can't read the user's mind as to what the user
is looking to achieve, but if you aren't trying to do something advanced
or complicated you'll be led through the guided installation path which
is very well documented and has a lot of explanatory language to guide
the user through. I noticed you didn't include screenshots of any of that.


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