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Re: installer final touches matters

On Tue, 2013-01-22 at 11:35 -0500, Máirín Duffy wrote:
> Please take discussions like these to the installer development list;
> fedora-devel is too broad a list to discuss mintuae like this I think.

> > choosing the destination is scary, since people know there are some
> > steps might wipe the entire disk, the screen below needs a way to gently
> > tell the user that this step is not scare "the monster is not in this step"

+100 to this point.  I'm not sure if I ever sent out the email with my
impressions of installing Fedora 18, but this was the main point.  

I was installing to an dual-boot machine, and I had backed up my
important files to the windows drive and partition.  There was nothing
too important on it, but at the same time, I didn't want to *lose* it.

I've been lurking on the anaconda-devel list for years now, and I feel
like I know the anaconda developers as well as I know many of my
co-workers (I've certainly known you guys for longer than many of my
co-workers, even though you have no idea who I am).  More importantly, I
trust in the good judgement of the anaconda developers, and their
abilities, and have looked at a good chunk of the anaconda code over the

Even with this trust and knowledge, I was still worried *as hell*, that
every click of the mouse in the storage spoke would do something
irretrievably awful, like wipe my windows partition.

I think the trepidation comes from the "Hub and Spoke" model.  It's an
entirely new paradigm in OS installation (as far as I know), and the
idea of operations happening in parallel, while welcome, is so far from
the comfort zone of even people experienced with anaconda and OS
installation in general that it introduces an almost irrational fear.

In short, in the storage spoke, can you put a note on every pane saying
what action clicking the "Continue" button will trigger, and what, if
any permanent effects will result.  If there are no permanent effects of
clicking "Continue", please indicate that, as well.

I know this seems awfully repetitive, but I think it would help people
to accept this radically different approach.

For those of you that need a happy ending, Fedora 18 Anaconda is
actually far better than any previous version.  

I have a very weird disk setup in my desktop (boot off of sdb, OS
partitions on sdb, and most data on sda), and where most Fedora installs
would be subtly broken, Fedora 18 has been running flawlessly.  

Kudos to everyone who worked so hard on this.


> > 
> > http://i.minus.com/jWQMDfIBvDHZZ.png
> That's a fair point.
> > later steps should *tell* the user what to do
> > eg. delete a partition then activate auto partitioning
> > or create an ext4 mounted as /
> > 
> > always tell the user what is the problem and how can he/she fix it
> Unfortunately, Anaconda can't read the user's mind as to what the user
> is looking to achieve, but if you aren't trying to do something advanced
> or complicated you'll be led through the guided installation path which
> is very well documented and has a lot of explanatory language to guide
> the user through. I noticed you didn't include screenshots of any of that.
> ~m
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